Pre-Home Checklist

Realtors and home owners, please use this checklist as a guide in preparing your home for the photo shoot. 

Exterior :

  • Move vehicles from drive and away from the front of home.
  • Place trash barrels inside the garage or out of sight.
  • Clean windows and mirrors.
  • Remove the Realtor sign (if applicable).
  • Mow and landscape yard as needed. The exterior photo is usually the cover for the MLS listing - IMPORTANT!

Kitchen :

  • Clear all counter tops, including any sink and cleaning supplies.
  • Remove any small appliances including toaster, blenders, etc.
  • Front of refrigerator should be clear of magnets, paper, and pictures.
  • Hide your trashcan.

General :

  • Open all drapes and blinds.
  • Move/Remove any furniture that obstructs windows.
  • Turn all ceiling fans OFF. They will create a motion blur in your photo.
  • Turn all inside lights ON. This will help balance the light in most areas.
  • Open doors between rooms to give an open feeling when possible.
  • Remove ALL evidence of pets including water/foods bowls and beds.
  • Hide rugs from floors, especially from tile or wood floors.
  • Try to conceal any cords.
  • Replace any burnt out light bulbs.
  • Clear clutter - shoes, TOYS, umbrellas, every day items you may use.
  • Depersonalize and remove family photos/portraits.

Bathrooms :

  • Toilet lids should be down.
  • Clear the Counter-top from absolutely every item considered to be personal.
  • Hide your cleaning brushes and trashcans.
  • Close Shower Curtains. If shower is tiled, I will photograph it open.
  • Full rolls of toilet paper.